Sunday, September 2, 2007

Light Up!

Yeah I know it's been a while.

My T1 line was down for quite a bit but everything is running smoothly once again.

At the moment it's hot as hail in L.A. but I decided to go ahead and work up sweat, uploading a few clips from an event that happened back in July.

Artist MearOne and I were challenged to paint on buildings with lazer lights in Downtown L.A. as part of a "Yo What Happened to Peace" exhibition, curated by the "Peace Generator" himself - John Carr.

Sketching with the lazer pen was both madd-fun and extremely difficult at the exact same time.

The lines are pretty darn shaky because the lazer light was super-sensitive to the slightest tremor of the hand.  Plus, after making a mark on the building, it was nearly impossible to know where to begin the next mark without screwing up the image.

Luckily FUNK transcends all of the above challenges.

Anyway, here are the first couple of clips (more coming later), lemme know what you think!