Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hit + Run

Hit + Run is a unique TShirt silkscreening enterprise operating out of Los Angeles.

They throw killer parties where TShirts are hand printed right on the spot.

Brandy Flower and Mike Crivello act as curators, selecting from their network of artists to compile a collection of single-color silkscreen designs.


Guests personally select their unique combination and placement of the designs, each one solely available during the single night exhibitions.  Party goers interact in the process on -site with Flower and Crivello to create pieces of one- of-a-kind wearable art.

Tonight is the big 2nd year anniversary event.


I just had a screen made of an image that I sketched way back in the early 70's.

I'm looking forward to printing it on a few shirts at the event.

If you're in LA, perhaps I'll see you there!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Top of the Dome

Crewest premiered it's Top of the Dome exhibition on Saturday, featuring over 100 astounding skulls painted by LA's top graff artists.

I just barely got my piece in on time.

It's called "Sweet"

Yes it's a skull covered with jellybeans and gummy-worm lips.

Mmmmmm boy, good eatin'!

Thanks to Steve Sattler for providing the sweet pics of my skull.





This shot of me next to BigPranks and his skull was provided by Ritzy, who was also in

the show.  You can view more of the exhibition at

her Flickr link.



Steven Stattler's piece was a real show-stealer!

The title along is monsterous:

"Another Infallible Spokesman for the One True God [ Vestments (circa 4111) excavated from the archeological site of the Church of Industrial Pig Worship, from a time when clerical fashion reflected the prevailing idea of an ideal life...a time when young celebrity mothers had their cake and ate it too.]


thought that with the full title people might realize that it is basically a fashion piece and that the additions to the skull and torso are all fashion accessories i.e.hat, earrings,necklace,bustier,dental appendages,etc.



You can see more of Steven's piece at Ritzy's Flickr link

Here are more amazing skulls by various artists








Here's Ritzy's skull

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hardest Working Mug in Shoebiz

Last weekend, Oct. 13th was bananas!

I found myself accepting a last minute invitation to participate in, "Please, Please, Please Don't Go"

A day of the dead exhibition.

Invited artists honored the spirit of James Brown by offering works of art in the form of shoes and hot pants.

I took the opportunity to decorate a pair of sandals with one of my favorite JB quotes from the song, "Hot Pants".

"Thankin' o' loo........zenat funky feelin' DON'T - Uh!"

Thanx again to JoyFanatic for filming the event.

If you beg him, he might even post more of the cool clips that he shot!

Meltdown Throwdown #3

Here are some interesting clips of the closing party @ Melt Gallery.

Unification Theory was definitely in the Hizzy!

For those that don't know, Unification Theory is a band of cutting and edgy artists conceived by artist/writer Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, MTV graffiti artist ManOne, Terrence Mclain (aka DJ JoyFanatic), and myself.

The concept of Unification Theory is street futurism: visualizing the possibilities of the future through the prisms of Graffiti, Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Digital/Video Artwork, Techno, Funk and Jazz. The unification of these diverse creative minds builds new visual and sonic structures.

However, this time internationally acclaimed artist, Fumiko Amano stood in for ManOne who was busy facilitating an

historic event, River City Viewz, @ the L.A. River.

So, peep a taste of the collaborative calamity of The Sonic Entrance Exhibition.

Oh, thanks to DJ JoyFanatic for the excellent footage, yo!

This next clip shows another prolific artist, Ritzy Periwinkle gettin' loose with it.

Thanks for your artistic vision and enthusiasm Ritzy!

Also special thanks to Nate for purchasing the painting that you see me working on.

More to come!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Stay Tooned


Gandhi Marrow

This is what I'm working on right now!


MeltDown Throwdown Pt 2

Sunday Sept. 9th is the last chance to check out the show!


I dropped by Meltdown Gallery over the weekend and met a cool couple.

Wendy and Jonathan.

They bought a PShirt, so I decided to create a custom drawing on the back of it.


Wendy is an illustrator and Jonathan is a science fiction writer.


Sometimes I enhance the back of the shirts with the phrase, "Preposterous Prosperity"

in order to encourage a future of people having whatever they want.


Wendy said, "Oh you're making a Talisman?"

"Uh.... sure", I replied (having no idea what that meant).

For the full story, click the link below:

"Sometimes Talismans Wants To Be Made"