Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hit + Run

Hit + Run is a unique TShirt silkscreening enterprise operating out of Los Angeles.

They throw killer parties where TShirts are hand printed right on the spot.

Brandy Flower and Mike Crivello act as curators, selecting from their network of artists to compile a collection of single-color silkscreen designs.


Guests personally select their unique combination and placement of the designs, each one solely available during the single night exhibitions.  Party goers interact in the process on -site with Flower and Crivello to create pieces of one- of-a-kind wearable art.

Tonight is the big 2nd year anniversary event.


I just had a screen made of an image that I sketched way back in the early 70's.

I'm looking forward to printing it on a few shirts at the event.

If you're in LA, perhaps I'll see you there!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Top of the Dome

Crewest premiered it's Top of the Dome exhibition on Saturday, featuring over 100 astounding skulls painted by LA's top graff artists.

I just barely got my piece in on time.

It's called "Sweet"

Yes it's a skull covered with jellybeans and gummy-worm lips.

Mmmmmm boy, good eatin'!

Thanks to Steve Sattler for providing the sweet pics of my skull.





This shot of me next to BigPranks and his skull was provided by Ritzy, who was also in

the show.  You can view more of the exhibition at

her Flickr link.



Steven Stattler's piece was a real show-stealer!

The title along is monsterous:

"Another Infallible Spokesman for the One True God [ Vestments (circa 4111) excavated from the archeological site of the Church of Industrial Pig Worship, from a time when clerical fashion reflected the prevailing idea of an ideal life...a time when young celebrity mothers had their cake and ate it too.]


thought that with the full title people might realize that it is basically a fashion piece and that the additions to the skull and torso are all fashion accessories i.e.hat, earrings,necklace,bustier,dental appendages,etc.



You can see more of Steven's piece at Ritzy's Flickr link

Here are more amazing skulls by various artists








Here's Ritzy's skull

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hardest Working Mug in Shoebiz

Last weekend, Oct. 13th was bananas!

I found myself accepting a last minute invitation to participate in, "Please, Please, Please Don't Go"

A day of the dead exhibition.

Invited artists honored the spirit of James Brown by offering works of art in the form of shoes and hot pants.

I took the opportunity to decorate a pair of sandals with one of my favorite JB quotes from the song, "Hot Pants".

"Thankin' o' loo........zenat funky feelin' DON'T - Uh!"

Thanx again to JoyFanatic for filming the event.

If you beg him, he might even post more of the cool clips that he shot!

Meltdown Throwdown #3

Here are some interesting clips of the closing party @ Melt Gallery.

Unification Theory was definitely in the Hizzy!

For those that don't know, Unification Theory is a band of cutting and edgy artists conceived by artist/writer Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, MTV graffiti artist ManOne, Terrence Mclain (aka DJ JoyFanatic), and myself.

The concept of Unification Theory is street futurism: visualizing the possibilities of the future through the prisms of Graffiti, Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Digital/Video Artwork, Techno, Funk and Jazz. The unification of these diverse creative minds builds new visual and sonic structures.

However, this time internationally acclaimed artist, Fumiko Amano stood in for ManOne who was busy facilitating an

historic event, River City Viewz, @ the L.A. River.

So, peep a taste of the collaborative calamity of The Sonic Entrance Exhibition.

Oh, thanks to DJ JoyFanatic for the excellent footage, yo!

This next clip shows another prolific artist, Ritzy Periwinkle gettin' loose with it.

Thanks for your artistic vision and enthusiasm Ritzy!

Also special thanks to Nate for purchasing the painting that you see me working on.

More to come!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Stay Tooned


Gandhi Marrow

This is what I'm working on right now!


MeltDown Throwdown Pt 2

Sunday Sept. 9th is the last chance to check out the show!


I dropped by Meltdown Gallery over the weekend and met a cool couple.

Wendy and Jonathan.

They bought a PShirt, so I decided to create a custom drawing on the back of it.


Wendy is an illustrator and Jonathan is a science fiction writer.


Sometimes I enhance the back of the shirts with the phrase, "Preposterous Prosperity"

in order to encourage a future of people having whatever they want.


Wendy said, "Oh you're making a Talisman?"

"Uh.... sure", I replied (having no idea what that meant).

For the full story, click the link below:

"Sometimes Talismans Wants To Be Made"

MeltDown Throwdown Pt 1

Sept. 13th heralded a stellar opening exhibition @ Meltdown Comics in Hollywood.

The show is called Sonic Entrance, featuring artists who are heavily influence by sound, music and all other forms of rhythm piped in from the universe.

I was so busy cranking out digital paintings for our upcoming PFunk music video that I actually arrived late for the event.

Fortunately, the exhibition will be up until the 30th of September, so there's still time to hustle down to 7522 Sunset Blvd. and peep the show!  Oh, and I promise to be on time.

Memewhile, here are a few clips of Sonic Entrance, provided by D.J. JoyFanatic:

The first image that you see in this clip is a small print featuring Sativa riding a dragonfly, superimposed on one of Gustavo's photographic backgrounds. Here's a still image of it below:

Holy Toledo - This next clip makes learning to draw, well worth the effort!

... and yes, she was so hot - I got scurred....

Brandy Flower of the Hit & Run crew taught me how to silkscreen my very first limited edition PShirts. This is sure to be a popular collectors item. If you're interested in acquiring a shirt, let me know. If enough mugs are interested, I just might make them available.


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Light Up!

Yeah I know it's been a while.

My T1 line was down for quite a bit but everything is running smoothly once again.

At the moment it's hot as hail in L.A. but I decided to go ahead and work up sweat, uploading a few clips from an event that happened back in July.

Artist MearOne and I were challenged to paint on buildings with lazer lights in Downtown L.A. as part of a "Yo What Happened to Peace" exhibition, curated by the "Peace Generator" himself - John Carr.

Sketching with the lazer pen was both madd-fun and extremely difficult at the exact same time.

The lines are pretty darn shaky because the lazer light was super-sensitive to the slightest tremor of the hand.  Plus, after making a mark on the building, it was nearly impossible to know where to begin the next mark without screwing up the image.

Luckily FUNK transcends all of the above challenges.

Anyway, here are the first couple of clips (more coming later), lemme know what you think!


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Captured @ Comicon

This just in!

I just received a photo from the iphone of my friend Jim Mitchell.

Jim is an extraordinary production artist for film and TV.  It's worth checking out his phenomenal work at, as well as his flickr-photo-journals.

He just sent this neat shot of another prolific artist pal, Bill Stout.

If you visit Bill's website, you may find yourself familiar with his work.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share this photo for those that may be wondering about the quality of your average iphoto.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

Blast from the Past!

Just ran across "Do Fries Come with that Shake" on youTube.

Some of the animation for this video was rendered on my cutting edge computer at the time.  A Commodore Amiga 1000!  Boy, was I ahead of my mind or wut??

It was directed by Fisher & Preachman in April of 86, featuring a gang o' Funkateers as extras.

Peep (project coordinator) Archie Ivy as the genie and cameos from Angelo and Norwood of Fishbone!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

LACMA - Late Night

This is old news that I'm finally posting.

Hit + Run did an event at LACMA, (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) on June 22nd, 2007.

It was my first time attending this annual event so I was shocked to find the facility packed with people lined around the block.

Here's a clip of Brandy Flower (of Hit + Run) hooking me up with a limited edition TShirt of a few of my images hot off the press.

The shirts were printed right on the spot. Patrons were able to "Mash-Up" the images of several artists on one TShirt.

The screen was destroyed immediately after the event.

I did a little "Life Drawing" as well.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Online Antics

Pharmaka Gallery held an informative event on Tues. the 10th, hosted by Fumiko about the challenges of Online Marketing.

Fumiko is an artist/community leader of the highest order.

She lectured on everything from the proper protocol for emerging artists entering the industry, to registering and promoting art using the vast resources of the internet.

In fact, she spoke of everything but online journaling.

I tried to warn everyone that soon all websites will look like blogs but no one was yet ready to confront being slapped with another learning curve.

At any rate, I'm glad that I lingered a bit after the event to ask Fumiko a few questions.

Not only was she extremely generous in sharing information, but I met 3 talented artists that I found quite interesting.

One such artist was Yvette M. Brown, who creates amazing paintings of people floating in air.

She has a history in fashion, so she's a natural when it comes to painting flowing fabrics.

I also spoke briefly with Mark Acetelli.

Mark is a former musician who finds himself immersed in his paintings.  He's inspired by the emotionally charged work of artists such as Picasso, Modigliani, Basquiat and Giacometti.

The most intriguing conversation was with Lucy Jensen who paints murals for people's homes.

She excels in a style called trompe l' oeil, which just means the objects of her paintings look real enough to reach out and touch.

After giving her my card, Lucy kept saying that my art seemed familiar.  When she returned home she realized that she actually owned my watercolor print of a figure sitting in a subway car, called "Last Minute", LOL -- go figure!  Glad I stuck around...

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Lately I'm doing a lot of Life Drawing outside in real life, as opposed to a studio or classroom.

While sketching at a Tropico de Nopal party to some serious ol' school hip-hop, I a met the infamous Sticky Rick who was raving about his 19 year old son, Jeff.

It seems that Jeff went to the Greek to see the Chilli Peppers concert all alone at age 16.  When PFunk slithered onto the stage causing chaos, he freaked out and phoned his dad shouting that he just couldn't take it!

The story goes, he quickly vacated the premises screaming in a panic.

Needless to say, after being completely turnt da' funk out by the "P", today he sings in a band called Leaf Blowers and is a bona fide clone of Dr. Funkenstein.

You can tell by his eyes that there's no turning back for Jeff.

Jeff's dad happens to be the one & only Sticky Rick.

He provides stickers for ManOne of Crewest Gallery and all of L.A.

This is Sticky Rick with the notorious Brandy Flower of HIT+RUN.

Peep the poster in the background.

Graffiti King - MearOne caught havin' fun!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Horsin' Around

I helped some friends create these wild horses for a social party gone nutz.

Can U say GloryhallaStoopid?


Jason @ the "Howdy U Do It" Ranch.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

From L.A. with Love

Graphic stylist, Spectr invited me to 'tag' one of his paintings in an exhibition called,

"Yo! What Happened to Peace?", curated by the "Peace Generator" himself, John Carr.

The exhibition was part of the, "From L.A. with Love" CD release party, held at the

Architecture & Design Museum, on Wilshire Ave.

These clean images were previously spray painted by Spectr the night before the exhibition.

Standing on the verge of getting it on with a few jars of acrylic paint.

Beginning to lay out my design in the white space provided by Spectr.

I began to paint "loose-sloppy" style, juxtaposing Spectr's clean vibe.

Detailing the insidious Sir NosedevoidoFunk

Planing on painting the planet

Planet Earth doesn't wanna blow it

Peep Gustavo's poster behind me.

"You are the source of freedom"

Recreating Sir Nose as a clone from Funkentelechy VS the Placebo Syndrome

"By any meme's necessary"

"Grant Being"

The prolific Mear One gettin' his tag on.

Photo curtesy of
Theo Jemison

Mear One's tag in effect

DJ JoyFanatic in the hizzy!

Click to see larger image

Curator of "Yo! What Happened to Peace" - John Carr

Click to see larger image

PFunk fan tagged, so he must be IT!

I was shocked and amazed to see another fan sportin' a Parliament T-shirt

John Carr with the legendary Chaz

Chillin' with the Chaz

Nuff' said

Shout-out to GenArt for capturing the scene