Saturday, October 20, 2007

Meltdown Throwdown #3

Here are some interesting clips of the closing party @ Melt Gallery.

Unification Theory was definitely in the Hizzy!

For those that don't know, Unification Theory is a band of cutting and edgy artists conceived by artist/writer Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, MTV graffiti artist ManOne, Terrence Mclain (aka DJ JoyFanatic), and myself.

The concept of Unification Theory is street futurism: visualizing the possibilities of the future through the prisms of Graffiti, Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Digital/Video Artwork, Techno, Funk and Jazz. The unification of these diverse creative minds builds new visual and sonic structures.

However, this time internationally acclaimed artist, Fumiko Amano stood in for ManOne who was busy facilitating an

historic event, River City Viewz, @ the L.A. River.

So, peep a taste of the collaborative calamity of The Sonic Entrance Exhibition.

Oh, thanks to DJ JoyFanatic for the excellent footage, yo!

This next clip shows another prolific artist, Ritzy Periwinkle gettin' loose with it.

Thanks for your artistic vision and enthusiasm Ritzy!

Also special thanks to Nate for purchasing the painting that you see me working on.

More to come!

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